Landline Discussion Journal

I chose Landline by Rainbow Rowell as an easy summer read: something different than our book club’s usual fare and yet concerning a comparable and relatable married with children theme.LandlineFlyer

As usual, our members did not disappoint! Overall, the book was not liked, but we had one of the best discussions ever. Several members had not finished the book. One member had looked ahead and discovered the “magic” phone line and completely lost interest. One threw the book across the room at home. Another member concluded that the book was “much ado about nothing”!

I asked if anyone had liked the book and a few people nodded and one woman acknowledged it wasn’t deep but had been enjoyable to read.  One member had been interested to know what would happen, even as another said – nothing happened, that’s the problem. I asked for us all to consider why we needed something serious, such as the forced sterilization issue in Necessary Lies? One member concluded that Landline needed more of a plot and maybe even a dead body! Did we feel sorry for Georgie? Maybe, but did we like her? Several of us forgave Neil as an introvert while others found him too grumpy and uncommunicative. Was he even really unhappy or was that all Georgie’s construct? Was the landline magic or was it all Georgie’s imagination? We discussed Georgie’s personal hygiene. Why did she buy only one bra and no underwear? Why didn’t she just go home to get a bag of clothes? Georgie was used to being in control and when Neal left, she was thrown into a tailspin. And what about those pugs in the dryer?! I heard more comments from my end of the table while animated debates were happening all at once and all around. It was pleasant to experience but difficult to record!

We discussed gender roles and we shared some stories from our own experiences. After the meeting, one member said what a great group of people we all were. Another agreed. And so do I. Thank you all for joining us!

  • Other works discussed:
  • Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  • The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty
  • Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain
  • Faulkner and Twain (authors: mundane topics well written)